The Indianola Community Youth Foundation

Exists to give back to the Indianola youth and community.

You can donate quickly and easily online through PayPal, by attending one of our fundraisers throughout the year, or mailing a check to the ICYF address
(PO Box 423, Indianola, IA 50125).


ICYF partnered with Jennifer DeWall at Nutrition in Motion to create free sports-specific nutrition plans. These nutrition plans are free to the public via our website’s nutrition tab. To help promote healthy eating habits within the elementary schools, we create banners featuring high school seniors each year. Ambassadors are nominated by activity leaders and must be a multi-activity participant and showcase leadership skills. Nominees then complete a questionnaire and 10 finalists are selected to be Ambassadors for the year.

Girls: Emily Naughton, Gillian Smith, Bree Tenges
Boys: Brady Blake, Kael Christensen, Kye Hartung, Drew Kingery, Jackson Overton, Logan Piper, Malachi Thomsen, and Chance Yates