Social Media, Teenagers, and Goals

Fuller Youth Institute ( has excellent information to help parents navigate the world of teenagers in America. There are books and other resources you can buy, but the blog is free. Here are a few posts and columns that parents might find helpful.

How do I help my 13 year old with social media?

An excerpt:

Rather than villainize the modalities of teenage connection, we can capture these parenting quandaries as opportunities to learn. Let’s not miss this incredible chance to coach, mentor, and journey with our kids into the world of digital media. Because if we don’t, someone else—or the mob of teen culture, or the pull of brand marketing—will pick up where we leave off. Recently a New York Times parenting blog suggested “Seven ways parents can help 13-year-olds start their social media lives,” reflecting on the recent CNN-backed study of 200 13-year-olds and their social media interactions. Alongside those tips (with some overlap), here are five I’ve found helpful in navigating the advent of social media in my own home:   1. Start on one platform. – See more here 

Setting Family Goals

An excerpt:

We talk about why we set goals. That it helps us be more thoughtful. And mindful. And prayerful. And support each other. – See more here